Vodafone SIM Only Deals

Get big data deals for less when you compare and switch to Vodafone.

Top Features of Vodafone

  • Rewards, Perks & Surprises
  • 5G in more places
  • Bundles & Savings
  • 100% Renewable
  • Most Reliable Network

Rewards, Perks & Surprises

With Vodafone, get access to daily free perks, competitions, and extra rewards and freebies. From free cards at mothers day to days out with friends and family, this app is only available to Vodafone customers.

5G in more places

Vodafone were the first network to bring 5G abroad, now in over 193 places. And with Vodafone’s entertainment packages allowing you to stream your favourite apps, it’s no wonder Vodafone is the best choice for 5G.

As of August 2021, roaming in the EU isn’t for free. You’ll be charged up to £6 per day depending on which zone you are in.

  • Zone A (Ireland and Isle of Man) – Included
  • Zone B (49 European destinations) - £2 per day
  • Zone C (32 worldwide destinations) - £6 per day
  • Zone D (73 worldwide destinations) - £6 per day

If you’re unsure which zone you’re in, you can contact Vodafone by dialling 191 from a Vodafone handset or 087 0070 0191 from any phone.

Most Reliable Network

Our emergency services rely on Vodafone with 68% of blue-light services run by the network. Vodafone is available in 99% of UK households and 96% of UK’s landmass has Vodafone coverage making it The UK’s Unbeatable Network for Reliability according to RootMetrics 2021.

Vodafone also provides Wi-Fi calling to all customers. Meaning you can save your minutes while at home and just use the Wi-Fi to make your calls. It’s perfect for those who live in a patchy signal area. No more hanging out the window to make a call.

Vodafone also allows its customers to use the network as a hotspot. If you’re on the train or bus and need to do some work on your laptop or tablet, just tether to your phone and use Vodafone’s reliable network.

Bundles & Savings

Vodafone isn’t just for outdoors, it’s for your home too. Choose a Vodafone SIM only plan and save on your Vodafone broadband too. There’s discounts to be had if you bundle your utilities together with Vodafone.

100% Renewable

Vodafone is now powered by 100% renewable electricity. And even more, they are aiming to be carbon neutral by 2040.