Unlimited Data SIM Only Deals

Compare the cheapest Unlimited Data SIM Only Deals from all major UK networks.

Unlimited Data SIM Only Deals

Top benefits of an unlimited data sim only deal

  • Unlimited use of data to stream, surf and download
  • Huge range of networks
  • Free perks and exclusive benefits

Free perks and exclusive benefits

Unlimited data plans can cost more than tradition SIM plans that cap your data allowance. However, some providers offer enticing reasons to choose their unlimited data plans.

With EE, unlimited data plans come with free Apple Music, Apple TV+ & Apple Arcade for up to 6 months. If you’re already paying for these plans, this is incredible value. Plus, with no data speed caps and a 5G network, it’s a good choice for unlimited data plans.

O2 come with a whole host of perks and incentives when you take out their unlimited data plans. Get access to Disney+, Prime Video, Cafeyn, Audible and McAfee Mobile Security services for up to 6 months free. With plans available between 12 & 24 months, O2 is a great choice for unlimited data.

Vodafone’s entertainment packages are great value. They can save a lot of money on your streaming packages if you already have them. Unlike EE and O2, Vodafone include the price of Spotify, Prime or YouTube Premium within your unlimited data plan. You can choose the package right for you and save money in the long run.

Unlimited use of data

Unlimited data deals have only been around a few years. As we’ve been able to consume more information through our phone, our usage requirements have changed. Here comes the unlimited data plans. Consumers have become more and more frustrated by that warning notification that we’re about to exceed the data limit and data bolt-ons aren’t good enough value.

Unlimited data plans are great for users who travel often without access to an internet connection. Let’s face it, train wi-fi isn’t the most generous for download speeds. With an unlimited data plan, you can stream all your favourite TV shows, download the latest albums or surf and browse the internet without any horrible data caps.

Some plans come with a warning, so be sure to check. Certain unlimited data plans may cap your download speeds. These may be capped at either 2 mbps or 10 mbps. The minimum requirements to stream a Netflix TV show is 2 mbps, so that might be fine for you. However, if you’re tethering multiple devices to the same connection, you may want to opt for a truly unlimited plan without any speed caps. Check the networks terms and conditions before you purchase.

Huge range of networks

Unlimited data plans are now available on all major UK networks. It’s a common deal and has become very competitively priced. Unlimited data plans are usually cheapest on Three, Smarty and iD Mobile, just use our comparison tool above and filter to monthly cost. However, cheaper does not always mean the best speed, service.

You can purchase unlimited data plans in a range of tenures such as 30 days, 12 months and 24 months. You may pay more for unlimited plans on a 30-day tenure, but not always. From time to time, we’ll show promotional offers from networks where you can get unlimited data for short 30-day periods. These are useful for holidays, or you are in between phone contracts.

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