Smarty SIM Only Deals

Compare SMARTY deals today and switch to a flexible deal with more data.

Top Features of SMARTY

  • Money back for unused data
  • 99% UK Coverage
  • Flexibility & No Credit Check
  • EU Roaming

Money back for unused data

SMARTY stormed onto the scene launching their exclusive range of data discount plans. Selected plans with SMARTY entitle you to money back for any unused data, the only provider to offer such a deal.

Some other providers let you roll over any unused data, but instead of pooling all the data you may never use, these data discount plans are perfect for people who want to save money every month. They calculate your remaining MB’s and let you know how much you can earn back at the rate of £1 per GB.

99% UK Coverage

You’re in luck, SMARTY are a sister company of Three, meaning it takes advantage of Three’s incredible network coverage. That gives you 99% UK coverage for 4G and 3G. With large packages up to unlimited minutes, texts and data, you can get surfing, streaming and downloading in more places than ever.

Plus, with a compatible 5G device you now get 5G at no extra cost, no speed caps and no annual price rises. Switch to SMARTY now for one of the best value networks in the UK.

Flexibility & No Credit Check

SMARTY really do pull out all the stops for its customers. All SMARTY plans are 30 days, meaning you have the flexibility to come and go as you please. Plus, because you pay for your month in advance, there’s no need for those hard credit checks on your file.

With no credit checks, SMARTY is perfect for young people without a credit history or someone with a poor credit score. You then have the chance to build your credit score with SMARTY, making it easier to pass a credit check in the future.

EU Roaming

If you have a cheeky holiday to Europe coming up, choose a flexible SMARTY SIM with enough data to navigate, search out your favourite restaurants or call back home. Roaming in the EU if free with SMARTY. However, there is a fair usage policy of 12GB per month with no extra charges or fees.