iD Mobile SIM Only Deals

Get 5G deals at no extra cost when you switch to an iD Mobile SIM Only deal.

Top Features of iD Mobile

  • Data Rollover
  • 99% UK Coverage
  • 5G at no extra cost
  • Great Community

Data Rollover

If you’re like us and wonder why you’re losing your unused data at the end of the month each month, then switch to iD Mobile. They rollover any used data to your next month. That way, you can accumulate data when you really need it. After all, you’ve paid for it right?

Not many providers offer data rollover, so if you’re looking for a network that you can save up all the precious data, choose iD Mobile and join their other 1 million other customers and counting.

99% UK Coverage

iD Mobile piggybacks Three’s powerful network coverage. Meaning you can get 99% UK 4G or 3G UK coverage. Meaning, you’re very likely to be able to call, text, stream and download from Lands End to John o’ Groats.

Help and Support is available at iD Mobile 24/7. It’s 100% online, so either log into your account, use their live chat functionality or browse the iD Community for answers. If you don’t have access to the internet, phone their automated telephone system to check your allowances, make a payment and more.

Great Community

You’ll have access to a community of over 60,000 other iD members and over 50,000 topics. If you’re struggling to solve something on your new phone, other iD members are on hand to help you out.

Just join the community and get involved in debates, problem solving, supporting others and even a cheeky competition or two. This will earn you badges and get you onto the iD team leader board.

5G at no extra cost

Whereas some networks can charge you more for 5G coverage, all iD plans are 5G at no extra cost. As long as you have a 5G compatible device, access iD Mobile’s superfast 5G coverage for gaming, downloading, streaming and more.

When you choose iD you’ll get average speeds up to 9x faster than 4G, you can download apps and stream high-res movies in seconds. No more laggy video phone calls with family and friends. 5G existing 4G and 3G networks to provide a more reliable connection, even in peak demand.