giffgaff SIM Only Deals

Compare incredible goodybag deals on GiffGaff without a credit check.

Top Features of Giffgaff

  • Network Run By You
  • Flexible Goodybags
  • Fixed Prices For 2022

Network Run By You

You’re probably wondering what’s so special about giffgaff. Well, put simply giffgaff is actually run by its members. Meaning, many people stay with giffgaff for a long time because they really love it there. Community is kind of their thing.

All members have access to the “Labs” where everyone has a say in how the network operates. All members can create guides, videos and help other members get the most out of their network through forums and vlogs. It makes giffgaff one of the most simple, honest, and open virtual network operators in the UK.

Engaging in the community means savings. The more you contribute to the community, the more Payback points you can earn. Trading in these points can earn you cash, credit or be donated to your favourite charity.

Flexible Goodybags

The flexibility of choosing Giffgaff is one of it’s main USP’s. Each plan comes with a goodybag of unlimited minutes and texts and different data plans either on a pay-as-you-go basis or paid in advance of your month.

Each plan can be cancelled whenever you want and giffgaff often recommend that you choose a cheaper deal if you’re not using all your data.

Not to mention, giffgaff don’t perform any harsh credit checks on your file. Have peace of mind knowing that you’ll always be accepted by giffgaff.

Fixed Prices for 2022

It’s happening, prices are going through the roof between your energy bills, broadband and food shops. Most network operators have raised prices annually by 3% and in some cases even more. Luckily for giffgaff customers, prices are fixed 2022. Now that’s one less bill to worry about.

You’re also free to swap and change your plan at any time. If you think you can save money by taking a cheaper plan with less data, you can do so. You’re not tied into a lengthy contract, free to cancel any time.