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SIM Only Deal FAQ's

A SIM only deal will give you minutes to call, texts to send and data to stream, download and browse the internet from your mobile phone. You will be charged a monthly fee by your provider. This doesn’t include the cost of the phone, you will need to pay for this separately.

There a number of different types of SIM only deals. Every user will have different usage requirements and there are plans to suit everyone. Usually the lower the data package, the less you will pay. SIM only deals are more flexible than traditional mobile phone contracts, with packages from as little as 30 days. Compare the best SIM only deals right here to find a plan that suits you.

Yes, SIM only deals are better value today, than in the last 12-24 months. In 2018 the cheapest Unlimited data SIM only deal was £18 a month. These days, the cheapest Unlimited data deal is just £16 a month and often changes.

It pays to shop around for your SIM only deal. When you compare the entire market with us, you can often find plans much cheaper than direct on providers website. In some cases, you may find it cheaper over 24 months to purchase your phone and SIM only deal separately.

We recommend you only pay for data that suits your needs. Most people only use 3-5GB data per month, especially with more people working from home today than the every before. Don’t pay for data you don’t need. Some plans even allow you to rollover your unused data each month.

That depends. Using our comparison tool, you can filter for deals on a no contract plans, 12 month plans or 24 month plans. The minimum you can currently purchase a SIM only deal is 30 days, otherwise known as ‘no contract’ SIM only deals.

If you have opted for a 12 month or 24 month contract, your contract will end on the final day of this period. At this point, you are 'out of contract' and you are free to switch to another network for a better deal or continue at the same rate. We recommend switching to a better deal using our comparison tool.

Networks often advertise better deals to new customers. However, your provider may contact you closer to your end date with an upgrade offer. Do compare this deal with us before you commit to any upgrade offers.

You must contact your network provider if you want to cancel within your contract period. You may be charged an exit fee for this. You will find your providers contact details on their website or you can text INFO to 85075.

If you are out of contract and want to switch to a different network, there are two different processes depending on if you want to keep your number or get a different one from your new provider.

If you want to keep your number text 'PAC' to 65075

If you want a new number text 'STAC' to 75075

Yes, data only SIM only contracts are designed for tablets, smart watches and other smart tech. In contrast to regular SIM only plans where you have minutes and texts included, you will receive only data in return for a monthly fee.

There are less things to consider with data only sim cards. Each provider will vary in UK signal coverage, download speeds, length of contract and may have different perks included. Do research these before making your decision.

Yes, any mobile phone is designed to be used with a SIM. Your provider will send you a SIM in multiple sizes, so you won’t have any trouble finding a SIM to fit your phone.

However, find out whether your phone is locked to a specific network. Any phone sold today are unlocked. Contact your provider if you are unsure if your phone is locked or not.

Each SIM only plan will have different benefits. When browsing SIM only plans, consider whether the deal includes free perks, cashback or gift cards. Often providers will try and standout by offering incentives to join their network.

Another important factor to consider is download speeds. Some providers have faster connection speeds and wider network coverage than others. If you have considered network coverage, then opt for the lowest effective monthly cost over 12 months when taking into consideration additional offers such as cashback or gift cards.

Also think about your needs. Some people prefer to stay flexible and only commit to a 30 day plan. These deals are often a little more expensive than 12 month plans, but are a useful option to tie you over until you consider your options.

As of 2022, O2 is the only major network operator to offer roaming in the EU for free. Three, Vodafone and EE will all charge customers for roaming in the EU and each charges a slightly different amount.

Other providers will set their own rules as to whether they offer roaming in the EU for free. We obviously display this information in our comparison tables, so you can find a deal with EU roaming for free.

An unlimited data deal is truly a SIM only plan with no data cap to surfing, downloading and socialising with friends on your favourite social apps.

To view all deals with unlimited data, view our comparison table and select data package “unlimited data”. Three are the best value for unlimited data in the UK, and with 99% UK coverage is a good choice for data hungry users.