Data Only SIM Deals

Compare the cheapest Data Only SIM Deals from all major UK networks.

Data Only Deal FAQ's

Data Only SIM’s are deals that only provide you with data, you will not get any minutes or texts included in your plan. This will cost you a monthly fee usually set up by direct debit. Plans come in various tenures from 30 days to 12 months and sometimes even 24 months.

Data Only SIM’s are used to power tablets, laptops, smartphones, dongles and MiFi devices. When you’re out and about you may need a data only SIM to download, stream and access the internet where a hotspot may not be available. You can use a data only SIM in a smartphone, but you won’t be able to use minutes and texts. You will however still be able to use apps such as Messenger to send and receive calls and texts.

Almost all providers will have a Data Only SIM plan to suit your needs. You can find these plans on Vodafone, BT & Three. All will have different pros and cons, but the main thing to consider is the price. You may only save a minimal amount for data only SIM plans compared the SIM plans with calls and texts. You are still paying for the convenience. Just use our comparison tool to find the best price.

That depends on your usage requirements. If you plan on using your laptop to download large files, watch videos and listen to music every day, you’ll need at least 100GB data, maybe even Unlimited. If you’re just using your tablet for the occasional outing or to navigate you somewhere, under 8GB will be plenty. Some plans allow you to bolt on extra data, so if you’re cut short on data you can purchase more through your network’s app or by phoning them.

Sure, there are plans out there where you can get 5G. However, you must have a 5G compatible device to access that speedy 5G coverage. Using our comparison tool, you can easily see which plans are 5G compatible and which aren’t. All major networks now offer 5G plans either free or at an extra cost.

Also, be on the lookout for extras. For example, O2 will give you access to O2 Priority where you can get access to perks, surprises, and competitions.